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Welcome to 1axis , your one-stop site to all the aid you need in purchasing and selling a car. We deal with all LTA transfers, finance settlements, loan applications and car insurance. The web portal 1axis.sg is designed to serve users with both the new and used cars as well as export of cars across Singapore. 1axis provide their customers to get the best export service in lesser time. For that, we provide our customers the steps for exporting cars in the most simple and minimalistic way. We provide insurance quotes from various car insurance companies too.

Biggest Brokerage in Singapore... Looking to Buy/Sell/Trade your Cars/Commercial Vehicles...Look no further...We are an one stop solution for all your Vehicle Dealership needs in Singapore. Services offered by us...

- Buy/Sell/Trade-in All Vehicles
- Consignment of Vehicles

- Bank Finance
- In-House Finance *(Up to 100%)
- Insurance Quotes
- Leasing of Vehicles